The Eclips’ smoke vent is over 2 metres long. Fumes thus have more time to transfer warmth to the soapstone. The result: maximum efficiency.


The Ecosy provides the maximum output from a single log. Need to relax? Light the fire and have a seat in your favourite chair. The Ecosy takes care of the rest.



With its unique appearance, the Grande Noblès suits every interior. Do you have a spot in mind for it yet?


Unlike our other stoves, the Massiv is assembled in your home piece by piece. Thanks to a simple assembly system, this task is completed relatively quickly and the Massiv can even be moved later.


A small stove with excellent qualities, very suitable for modern insulated homes. The Noblés provides you with hours of warmth. A cosier and warmer home. Will the compact Noblès change your life too?


With its sleek lines and rounded front, the Torus is a real eye-catcher. Not to mention its incredible efficiency and output of heat.


Not only is the Vision better for the environment, but for your wallet too. The soapstone absorbs the heat like a sponge and then heats your living room for hours. Even long after the fire has been extinguished.