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Altech Torus Pellet

Altech Torus Pellet

The Altech Torus pellet stove is a sleek, freestanding pellet stove that does not require power. This is because the Torus features a pellet burner equipped with a primary and secondary aeration system. This aeration system causes the gas from the pellets to be burnt at the top of the unit, resulting in wonderful flames. The aeration system is completely natural, and this pellet stove does not have any fans. As a result, the Altech Torus pellet stove does not require power, is incredibly quiet and is not susceptible to malfunctions.

Enjoy the flames to the fullest

In addition to the delightful, intense heat produced by the Altech Torus pellet stove, this stove also allows you to enjoy the wonderful flames to the fullest. The Torus pellet stove features a large window, which offers a great view of the fire.

Multiple colours and options available

The Altech Torus pellet stove is available in two colours: natural soapstone with anthracite cast iron and uniform black. Both the soapstone and the cast iron of the uniform black version are spray painted black. By default, the Torus is a front pellet stove equipped with a 2.5-kilogram pellet burner.

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Width 51 cm
Height 108 cm
Depth 42 cm
Weight 250 kg
Power 2-8 kW
Pipe connection Bovenkant
Pipe diameter 150 mm
Efficiency 92,8%
Heat release 40-155 m³

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