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Discover the story behind Altech

The leading manufacturer of soapstone stoves in the Netherlands for many years

Quality stoves, made in the Netherlands

Almost half a century ago, Altech imported the first freestanding soapstone stoves from America. The unique properties of these soapstone stoves inspired us. That’s why we decided to design and produce our own soapstone stoves, in the middle of the country. And we were successful, too, as we have been making rock-solid soapstone stoves in Hoevelaken for over 4 decades by now.

Unique stoves made with love and passion

We build every soapstone stove by hand in Hoevelaken, stone by stone. Craftsmanship is our priority. Only the best is good enough for us, which is why we only use pure soapstone of the highest quality. Because these stoves are handmade, you can benefit from Dutch craftsmanship of the utmost quality!

Made of natural materials

The wood-burning stoves and soapstone stoves by Altech are always freestanding and are made of at least 80% natural materials. Soapstone is a natural product with unique properties. It was not produced through a chemical process. We only make our stoves out of soapstone, as this offers the most pleasant and healthy form of heat.

Go for quality, atmosphere and the most pleasant heat out there

Thanks to our extensive experience and the capacity to develop our own stoves, we were able to apply various new techniques. As a result, the Altech wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves don’t just offer a wonderful display of flames, but they also achieve highly efficient combustion. With an Altech soapstone stove, you’ll have a sustainable, atmospheric stove that is easy to operate, uses a minimum amount of fuel and produces delightful heat.

Go for soapstone and enjoy delightful heat

The heat produced during combustion is optimally used by the soapstone. The soapstone stores the heat and works like a battery of sorts. The stored heat is evenly distributed over an extended period of time. This results in an exceptionally high yield that optimally contributes to the heating of your home.

A fine piece of innovation for Altech soapstone stoves

In Hoevelaken, we work hard every day to develop and improve our soapstone stoves where we can. For example, a few years ago, we were the first manufacturer in the world to release a wood-burning stove with an integrated wood smoke filter called the PALCAT. This fully metal catalyst is the little brother of the ABCAT wood smoke filter. It lowers the reaction temperature and functions as an afterburner for the flue gases through the stove’s lifespan.

Thanks to the PALCAT wood smoke filter, dust and particular matter are burned, and the smell of wood smoke is reduced significantly. Currently, the Eclips is the only stove equipped with the filter. However, it looks like the other wood-burning stove models will receive this upgrade in the future too.