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Preheating an Altech soapstone stove

Before you can enjoy the delightful warmth of your Altech soapstone stove, it is important to preheat the stove first. By preheating the stove, the cement is given the time to harden. This makes the connection between the cast iron and the soapstone stronger. If you fail to do this, the soapstone may start developing cracks due to the moisture that may be present in the stone. These cracks do not affect the lifespan of your stove, but failure to perform the preheating procedure before use will void the warranty.

What to keep in mind when preheating an Altech soapstone stove?

Preheating your Altech stove entails lighting your stove using the Swiss method and giving it the time to burn and cool completely. These steps should be repeated 10 to 12 times. Good to know: condensation may appear in the stove during the preheating process. This is nothing to worry about. The condensation will disappear over time.
Like when lighting the stove, it is important to keep the air slide completely open during the preheating process. Use light, finely split firewood to generate lots of heat in little time. The faster your stove reaches the intended temperature, the faster a proper airflow forms. This, in turn, will result in less soot and condensation. This way, you can keep your stove, flue pipe and the environment clean, which will help prevent future issues with the soapstone.

Warranty on your Altech soapstone stove

To be eligible for the warranty on your Altech soapstone stove, it is not only important to observe the preheating process, but you should also register your stove within 14 days. You can simply do so online via our website.

Register your Altech soapstone stove

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