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The Altech soapstone stoves comply with the Ecodesign2022 legislation.

With an Altech soapstone stove, you choose a modern stove that complies with EcoDesign legislation. Our entire range, both our wood-burning stoves and pellet stoves, comply with the guidelines of this European Legislation, which was introduced on 1 January 2022.

What does the EcoDesign scheme mean?

To reduce the emissions (of harmful substances) from wood stoves and to improve air quality, the European Union has introduced new legislation on 1 January 2022. Outdated devices play a major role in this discussion. In practice, this means that old and polluting wood-burning stoves and fireplaces must be phased out. Only modern High efficiency wood-burning stoves that meet the requirements of this legislation may be sold on the market.

Despite the fact that these regulations came into effect in Europe as of 2022, this was already brought forward in the Netherlands two years ago. For example, all new wood-burning stoves that are sold in the Netherlands have had to comply with the standard (EcoDesign) for some time.

What are the requirements for a wood-burning stove?

To meet this standard, the fireplaces and stoves must achieve a higher efficiency, at least 75%. The devices are also allowed to emit only 40 milligrams of particulate matter per cubic meter. New wood-burning stoves that are produced from 2020, are sold in the Netherlands and do not meet these standards, may then no longer be sold. At Altech, we have never worried about these regulations, because all our soapstone stoves have met these requirements for many years.

When is a stove or fireplace EcoDesign Ready?

A stove meets EcoDesign standards if it has been independently tested by an approved testing institute and meets the strict emissions and minimum efficiency criteria for EcoDesign 2022. These facts must be on paper and the manufacturer is primarily responsible for this. With the purchase of an Altech soapstone stove you get the certainty that you are getting a modern, environmentally friendly stove. And enjoy the wonderful warmth of soapstone not only now, but also in the future.

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