We imported the first freestanding soapstone stoves from America almost 40 years ago. Inspired by the unique heating method, we decided to design and manufacture soapstone stoves ourselves. We are proud to have produced a reliable Dutch product for almost 4 decades. Since 2016, we have been based in Hoevelaken, where both our office and factory are located.


Thanks to considerable experience in our field and the capability to develop our own stoves, we have been able to apply various new techniques. As a result, not only do Altech soapstone stoves burn beautifully, they are also very efficient. The soapstone utilises the heat generated by the combustion process as efficiently as possible. This yields an exceptionally high output, which contributes optimally to heating your home.


As you can tell, sustainability is a priority for Altech. We seek to improve the combustion efficiency of our stoves in every possible way, reduce emissions to a minimum and utilise the heat generated as efficiently as possible.

The choice of soapstone plays a pivotal role in that. A catalyst can also be used to reduce emissions, the smell and smoke produced by combustion are neutralised and the output increased even further. Did you know that soapstone functions as a kind of battery? It retains the heat of the fire and releases it into the environment for up to 12 hours. That way, you get more heat output from the same log of wood with our soapstone stoves. That is good for the environment and good for your wallet!