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Discover the power of soapstone


The unique heat of soapstone

With a soapstone stove, you can enjoy delightful, healthy heat

Soapstone stores heat and releases it evenly. This heat is comparable to the infra-red heat of the sun. Infra-red heat is the most natural heat there is, and heats up the objects in a space. The heat feels like a blanket wrapped around you, and heats up your entire body and surroundings.

Better indoor climate

A soapstone stove won’t affect the indoor climate of a house the way other wood-burning stoves do. That is because a soapstone stove does not lead to as much air circulation. In turn, this means the air does not dry as much and won’t feel stifling. On top of that, thanks to the radiation heat of the soapstone heater, the walls “heat up” as well. This means the moisture in the air won’t condensate, keeping the air humidity at a pleasant, healthy level.

High combustion temperature

A soapstone stove is also an excellent choice for the environment. Thanks to the high combustion temperature of these stoves, they burn clean and economically. That way, you won’t have to refill the wood in your stove as often.

Less ventilation loss

Thanks to the radiation heat, less energy is lost due to ventilation. In case of convection heat, like that of a boiler, lots of heat is lost due to cracks, opening doors and ventilation. In the case of the radiation heat of a soapstone stove, the air is not heated as much, but the heat is buffered in the mass of the stove instead. As a result, less heat is lost due to ventilation.

Experience the delightful heat of soapstone yourself

Are you excited about the heat of soapstone as well? Go for an Altech soapstone wood-burning stove or pellet stove. Visit one of our dealers and experience this delightful heat yourself.