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Altech Eclips Gourmet

Altech Eclips Gourmet

The Altech Eclips Gourmet is a unique, freestanding soapstone wood-burning stove from the popular Eclips series by Altech. Thanks in part to its oval shape, the Eclipse has a stylish, playful appearance. The oven included in the Gourmet version not only adds to its stature, but also offers you additional enjoyment. After all, it allows you to enjoy the delightful heat and view of the flames of the Eclips Gourmet while you prepare your meal on a wood fire.

On top of that, the curved glass window guarantees a lovely view of the fire. When it comes to its output, the Eclips is highly suitable for smaller and mid-sized rooms. Both its top and rear can be connected to the flue.

The absence of a control panel and the integrated levers add a sense of peace, another sign that this series was designed with great attention to detail.

Efficient wood burning with the Eclips

To make sure the heat produced during combustion is optimally used, Altech designed a unique flue channel system for the Eclips series.

When wood is burned in the stove, the flue gases are collected and guided into a 2-metre flue gas channel. As a result, the flue gases have more time to transfer their heat to the soapstone. This is one of the reasons why the Eclips can achieve such high yields. Thanks to this technique, the Eclips also requires less wood.

The Eclips is available in different varieties

The Eclips series consists of 4 different models. All models have the same base, but feature different details in their appearance. For example, the Eclips can be equipped with legs or a wood compartment, and can even be upgraded with an oven at the top. The Altech Eclips Gourmet features legs and an oven.

The Eclips Gourmet is available in natural soapstone with anthracite cast iron or in uniform black soapstone with black cast iron.

Curious about the Altech Eclips Gourmet soapstone wood-burning stove?

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Width 62 cm
Height 111 cm
Depth 42 cm
Weight 270 kg
Power 3-8 kW
Pipe connection Bovenkant
Pipe diameter 150 mm
Efficiency 86%
Heat release 50-180 m³

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Curious about the possibilities?

Discover the many benefits of an Altech soapstone stove yourself. Visit the showroom of one of our dealers, or drop by the HAVÉ Verwarming Experience Center. Come to the showroom of one of our dealers or visit the Experience Center of HAVÉ Verwarming.