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Altech Grande Noblès Gourmet

Altech Grande Noblès Gourmet

The Altech Grande Noblès Gourmet is a timeless, freestanding soapstone wood-burning stove featuring a significant mass of soapstone. Because of this, the stove will continue to release infra-red heat for hours after the fire is extinguished. The Grande Noblès is the big brother of the Altech Noblès. It features a higher output, but shares its sibling’s appearance.
With the Gourmet edition of the Grande Noblès, you will not only be able to enjoy delightful heat, but you can bake as well.

Maximum enjoyment

The Altech Grande Noblès features a large window, offering you a lovely view of the flames. On top of that, the Grande Noblès features a flue gas channel, which means even more heat can be drawn from the wood. This stove has a 3 to 11 kW output, which means it can pleasantly heat a mid-sized to large living room.

The Grande Noblès is available in different varieties

The Grande Noblès series consists of 4 different models. All models have the same base, but feature a different appearance. For example, the Grande Noblès can be equipped with legs, a wood compartment and/or an oven at the front of the stove. The Grande Noblès Gourmet has legs and features an oven at the top. Each model features an easy-to-replace flue gas channel.

Curious about the Altech Grande Noblès Gourmet soapstone wood-burning stove?

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Width 63 cm
Height 89 cm
Depth 43 cm
Weight 230 kg
Power 3-11 kW
Pipe connection Bovenkant
Pipe diameter 150 mm
Efficiency 80%
Heat release 40-155 m³

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