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Altech Max H

Altech Max H

An incredibly sleek design combined with the soapstone heat you know and love, that’s what makes the Altech Max ‘the wood-burning stove of the future’.

The Altech Max H soapstone wood stove is the base model on legs and one of the more popular models in the Max range. The Max H is characterised by its rectangular design. Due to this design, this appliance boasts a beautiful high view of the fire. These features combined with its high efficiency and the use of soapstone combined with steel make this stove very popular.

The sleekest soapstone stove on the market

For the first time in Altech’s 40-year history of making soapstone stoves, we decided to release a model with a steel frame. Thanks to this steel frame and the recessed soapstone, the Altech Max features the sleekest design of the entire soapstone stove assortment.

With an output of 3 to 8.5 kW, the Max can fill both small and larger rooms with delightful, infra-red heat. The wood-burning stove is easy to use. You can operate the integrated door handle and air supply slide using the included wrench. As usual with Altech, this product is available with a wood depot, offering you an even better view of the wonderful flames.

Enjoy the wonderful warmth of soapstone with the Altech Max H

The Altech Max H consists mostly of soapstone. The unique thing about this type of material is that soapstone stores heat and radiates it evenly. You can compare this heat to the sun’s Infrared heat. Infrared heat is the most natural heat available and warms objects in the room. The heat feels like a blanket wrapped around you, and heats up your entire body and surroundings.

Curious about the Altech Max H soapstone wood stove?

Experience the wonderful warmth and admire this stove in the showroom at one of our dealers or at HAVÉ Heating’s Experience Centre.


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Depth cm
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Curious about the possibilities?

Discover the many benefits of an Altech soapstone stove yourself. Visit the showroom of one of our dealers, or drop by the HAVÉ Verwarming Experience Center. Come to the showroom of one of our dealers or visit the Experience Center of HAVÉ Verwarming.