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Why go for a soapstone stove in your house?

Soapstone stoves are becoming increasingly popular in the UK. Nowadays, most people opt for a wood or pellet stove that features soapstone. This is a conscious choice. Soapstone offers a wealth of benefits compared to other materials used for wood-burning stoves. For example, soapstone can store heat for an extended period of time and releases warm, delightful heat that is evenly distributed throughout the space.

Discover the unique benefits of soapstone

Soapstone features unique properties and is characterised by its capacity to quickly absorb heat, only to gradually release it into its surroundings again. Of all stone types, soapstone has the highest thermal resistance and storage capacity per kilogram. The heat absorption capacity of soapstone is more than twice that of other stone types, and the heat conduction is about 10 times faster. This makes soapstone a highly suitable material for stoves.

What’s the difference between a normal stove and an Altech soapstone stove?

An Altech soapstone stove produces pleasant, gentle heat that feels like the heat from the sun. This heat cannot be compared with that of a steel or cast-iron stove. A normal stove primarily produces convection or radiation heat (cast-iron stoves), which is similar to the heat produced by a hairdryer. People often say that these stoves give you a warm front and a cold back. The heat produced by soapstone is a lot gentler, and feels like a warm blanket wrapped around the entire body. Find out more about this here.

Still not entirely convinced of the benefits of an Altech soapstone stove? Here are the benefits at a glance:

  • An Altech soapstone stove produces pleasant (infra-red) heat that will heat you all the way through.
  • Altech soapstone stoves have very high yields. The energy and heat produced by the stove are optimally used.
  • Enjoy the heat for longer. The soapstone stores the heat and will continue releasing it for hours after the stove has been extinguished.
  • Soapstone contributes to better air quality. Normal heaters, on the other hand, make the air drier.
  • The temperature in the house will remain constant, and the heat will be distributed evenly.
  • Soapstone stoves have a very long lifespan, so purchasing one could be considered an investment.

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