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Altech soapstone stoves

Unique stoves for the most comfortable heat in your house

For almost half a century, Altech has provided customers in Europe with delightful heat thanks to its compact, freestanding soapstone stoves. Soapstone is a unique material: the combination of convenience, top-notch quality and comfortable heat will offer you hours of delightful relaxation. After all, what’s better than a comfortably warm house?

Dutch craftsmanship

The way our stoves are built is true craftsmanship: they are hand-crafted, stone by stone, in our factory in Hoevelaken. Pure Dutch craftsmanship, made with love!

Every Altech soapstone stove is carefully built by our expert employees, after which it is subjected to a manual quality check. Because we only use top-quality materials, we guarantee you’ll enjoy years of healthy heat in your house.

Discover the power of soapstone

The spring sun on your back makes you feel alive. The heat of an Altech soapstone stove is very similar to that feeling. Just like the sun, soapstone evenly radiates heat and heats up objects and spaces. That way, you can bring the spring sun into your home, even in the cold, dark winter months.

Healthy heat

While other wood-burning stoves fill your home with dry air, the soapstone stove will create a pleasant indoor climate. This is one of the exceptional features of soapstone stoves: because there’s less air circulation, your house won’t feel stuffy due to dry air. The result: worry-free enjoyment.

The unique characteristics of an Altech soapstone stove

Nothing beats the warmth of an Altech soapstone stove. The Altech woodburning and pellet stoves offer more unique features in addition to wonderful warmth. We would like to list them:


  • Healthy and even heat
  • Natural material
  • Suitable for English households
  • Stores heat and continues to give off heat for many hours after the fire has gone out

Knowledge centre

At Altech, we know almost everything there is to know about stoves. We are happy to share this knowledge with you. Visit our knowledge centre and find out all about subjects like wood, fire and (soapstone) stoves.

Stoke responsibly, use dry and clean wood

Stoke responsibly, use dry and clean wood

Enjoy your Altech soapstone stove even more by firing the stove in a responsible way. The first step here is to use dry wood. But how dry should the wood be? And what is the best way to dry wood? Extend the life of your Altech soapstone stove, stoke with good wood The...

Preheating an Altech soapstone stove

Preheating an Altech soapstone stove

Before you can enjoy the delightful warmth of your Altech soapstone stove, it is important to preheat the stove first. By preheating the stove, the cement is given the time to harden. This makes the connection between the cast iron and the soapstone stronger. If you...

Curious about the possibilities?

Discover the many benefits of an Altech soapstone stove yourself. Visit the showroom of one of our dealers, or drop by the HAVÉ Verwarming Experience Center. Come to the showroom of one of our dealers or visit the Experience Center of HAVÉ Verwarming.